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Tripod Magnifier, Stool Type (Table Top)
Magnifier, Tripod, Large
Magnifier, Tripod
Magnifier Reading Glass, Round, Hand Held
Magnifier, Hand Held, Plastic 3X / 6X
Magnifier Folding, Pocket, Double Lens Model
Magnifier Folding, Pocket
Magnifier, Goose Neck
Microscope Slide Box, Wooden, Hinged
Microscope Slide Box, Plastic
Microscope Slides with Depression(s)

Microscope Glass Slides
Glass Cover Slips
Hand Microtome Simple
Forceps, Blunt Tip, Straight (Thumb Forceps)
Forceps, Blunt Tip, Curved
Forceps, Fine Tip, Straight
Forceps, Fine Tip, Curved
Tissue Forceps
Forceps Large, Blunt Tip
Scissors, Dissecting, Straight
Bone Shears (Bone Cutting Forceps)
Scalpel,Fixed Handle
Scalpel Handles (Surgical Handle No. 3)
Scalpel Handles (Surgical Handle No. 4)
Scalpel Blades
Teasing Needles
Teasing Needles, with handle
Probe & Seeker, Mall
Dropping Pipet (Medicine Dropper)
Dissection Set, Basic
Dissection Set
Dissection Set, Advanced
Dissection Set, General Purpose
Insect Pins, (Pins Entomological)
Sun Dial
Room Thermometer, Metal Back Celsius/Fahrenheit
Room Thermometer, V-Back
Student Microscope, Junior
Student Microscope, Senior
Student Microscope, Advanced

Eyepiece, Huygenian
Eyepiece, Widefield
Eyepiece, Widefield DIN
Objectives, Achromatic
Objectives, Achromatic DIN
Microscope, Illuminated, Hand Held
Shinco Microscope
Slides Staining Kit

Magnets, Rectangular Bar, Steel
Magnets, Horse Shoe, Steel
Magnets, Bar, Pair, Alnico
Magnets, Cylindrical, Alnico
Magnets, Horse Shoe, Alnico
Magnet, Ring, Ceramic
Magnet, Circular (Disc), Ceramic
Magnet Bar, Ceramic
Magnets Set, Ring, Ceramic (Floating Magnets, Wobbly Magnets)
Magnetic Needle on Stand (Demonstration Compass)
Magnetic Compass
Magnetic Compass
Liquid-Filled Magnetic Compass
Iron Filings
Iron Filings, Magnetic Chips
Iron Filings in Tube
Friction Rod
Friction Pad (Exciting Pad)
Whimshurt Machine
Electroscope, Flask Type
Electroscope, Metal Case
Proof Plane
Electroscope Pith Ball Type
Pith Ball, Spare
Wheatstone Bridge, Slide Wire Form, Four Gaps Type
Pencil Jockey (Knife Edge Jockey)
Contact Tap Key (Tapping Key)
Plug Keys (Plug Switches)
Knife Switches
Induction Coil
Rheostat, Slide Wire
Electrodes, Flat without Binding Posts
Electrodes, Flat with Binding Posts
Electrode, Carbon Rods
Voltameter, Copper
Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus
Electrode Pair, Platinum, Spare
Electrode Pair, Carbon, Spare
Tangent Galvanometer
Holder for D Dry Cells
Plastic Holder for D Cells
Receptacle for Miniature Lamp (Lamp Holder M.E.S. Unmounted)
Fahnstock Clip (Connector)
Lamp Holder (Economy Switch)
Mini Lamps
Electromagnet U-Shape
Connecting Wire with Alligator Clips
St. Louis Motor
Oersteds Law Apparatus
Solenoid (Helix), Iron Core
Solenoid (Helix), Air Core
Primary and Secondary Coil Set
Soft Iron Rod
Steel Balls

Liquid Convection Apparatus
Gas Convection Apparatus (Ventilation Apparatus, Convection Box)
Gas Convection Apparatus - Spare Chimney
Linear Expansion Apparatus (Micrometer Form)
Steam Trap (Water Trap)
Conductometer, Five Rod Form
Ring and Ball Apparutus
Compound Bar (Compound Strip)
Calorimeter, Set of Two
Electric Calorimeter (Calorimeter, Joule)
Specific Heat Specimen Cylinders Set
Hope's Apparatus
Liquid Expansion Bulb (Expansion Bulb)
Air Thermometer Bulb
Melting Point Apparatus

Lenses Spherical, Unmounted, Bi-Convex
Lenses Spherical, Unmounted, Bi-Concave
Lens, Demonstration Set, Glass
Neutralising Lens Set, Glass
Cylindrical Lenses, Glass
Prisms, Equilateral, Acrylic
Prisms, Equilateral, Glass
Prisms, Equilateral, Mounted
Prism, Right Angle, Glass
Prisms, Soda-lime, Glass
Prisms, Trapezoidal(45°and 60°Prism), Acrylic
Prisms, Equilateral, Glass or Acrylic
Block, Rectangular, Glass(Plate)
Block, Rectangular, Glass(Plate)
Block, Rectangular, Glass(Plate)
Block, Rectangular, Glass(Plate)
Block, Rectangular, Acrylic
Lenses, Acrylic
Block, Semicircular
Lens Demonstration, Set of Seven, Acrylic
Diffraction Grating, Demonstration Set
Diffraction Grating
Optical Disk, Hartl
Accessories for Optical Disk, Hartl
Mirrors, Spherical(Concave)
Mirrors, Spherical(Convex)
Mirror, Spherical, Convex-Concave
Mirror, Flat Strips, Silvered Glass, Unmounted
Newton's Ring Apparatus
Spectroscope, Direct Vision
Stroboscope, Hand Driven, Simple Model
Spectrum Discharge Tubes
Spectrometer, Student
Spectrometer Advanced
Prism, Equilateral, Dense Flint Glass

Mass Set, Hexagonal
Masses, Hexagonal, Spare
Mass Set Cylindrical, with Hook, Set of Nine
Masses with Hooks, Spare
Slotted Masses on a Rack, Brass, Metric
Slotted Masses (Weights) on a Rack, Brass, Calibrated in Newtons
Slotted Masses, Spare
Weight Boxes, General Purpose
Weights(Masses) for Weight Boxes, Spare
Masses with Hooks on Both Sides
Vernier Caliper, Dual Scale
Vernier Caliper, Dual Scale, Improved Design
Calipers, Direct Reading (Grain Calipers), Dual Range
Micrometer Calipers (Micrometer Screw Gauges), Metric & English
Tubular Spring Gauges
Pull Spring Scales (Spring Balances), Metric Newton & Dual Scale
Measuring Tape Plastic
Metal Measuring Tape
Triple Beam Balance
Quadruple Beam Balance
Capillary Tube Set (Communicating Capillaries)
Equilibruim Tubes (Constant Level Tubes, Communicating Vessels)
Pascal Vases
Venturi Apparatus
Hooke's Law Apparatus
Springs, Extension Steel
Hook Collars
Plumb Bob
Force Table
Pulley, Fixed, for Mounting on Plane Surface
Pulley, Single, Clamp Type, Bench Mounting
Pulley with Rod
Pulley with Table Clamp
Pulley, Single, with Three-way Attachment
Pulleys, Plastic
Pulley, Plastic, Tandem, Double
Pulley, Plastic, Tandem, Triple
Pulley Demonstration Set
Pulley Set, Student
Pulleys, Aluminum
Pulley, Aluminum, Tandem, Double
Pulley, Aluminum, Tandem, Triple
Inertia Balance Kit
Ring and Disk (Moment of Inertia Appartus)
Inclined Plane
Friction Block and Surface
Balls, Solid, Spare
Balls, Solid, Hooked, Spare
Balls, Solid, Drilled, Spare
Balls, Solid, Sets
Balls, with Brass Hook, Sets
Balls, Drilled with Hole, Sets
Pendulum Bob
Density Ball
Specific Gravity Bottles, Uncalibrated
Cube, Various Non-Metal, Side 20mm
Cubes of Six Metals, Sets
Cubes, Various Metals, Side 10 and 20mm
Cubes, Cylinders and Balls, Acrylic
Specific Gravity Block with Hook
Density Cylinder Set (Equal Mass Density Set)
Cylinder Set, Metals
Cylinder Set, Metals
Cylinder for Density Determination, Aluminum
Bucket and Cylinder (Archimedes Principle Set)
Overflow Can
Demonstration Manometer
Open Manometer
Pressure Syringe (Equal Transmission of Fluid Presssure Apparatus)
Boyle's Law Apparatus
Boyle's Law Apparatus (Elasticity of Gases)
Guinea and Feather Apparatus (Free Fall in Vacuum Apparatus)
Lever Clamp (Knife Edge Clamp)
Wheel and Axle
Vertical Acceleration Demonstrator (Falling Bodies Apparatus, Projectile Apparatus)
Double Cone and Incline
Stop Watch, Analog, 15 Minute, 1/10 Second, Single Action
Stop Watch, Analog, 60 Minutes, 1/5 Second, Interruption Type
Stop Watch, Digital

Tuning Forks, Aluminum
Tuning Forks, Set of Eight, Aluminum
Tuning Forks, Steel
Tuning Forks, Set of Eight, Steel
Striking Mallet (Tuning Fork Hammer)
Resonance Apparatus
Sonometer, Wood, Table Model
Weights for Sonometer
Spring Slinky
Snaky Spring (Wave Demonstration)
Kundt's Apparatus (Tube)
Lycopodium Powder
Stethoscope, Bowles, Diaphragm Type
Stethoscope, Ford
Stethoscope, Teaching

Crucible Tongs
Tongs, Beaker(50mL to 600mL)
Tongs, Beaker(100mL upto 1500mL)
Test Tube Clamp, Stoddards, with Finger Grips
Test Tube Clamp, Stoddards, without Finger Grips
Test Tube Clamp, Wooden
Test Tube Holder, Cross Pattern
Test Tube Rack, Polypropylene
Test Tube Rack (12), Abs Polymer
Test Tube Rack (20), Abs Polymer
Test Tube Rack (31), Abs Polymer
Test Tube Support, Wooden, Six Places
Test Tube Support, Wooden, Twelve Places
Support Rings, Cast Iron
Support Plate (Table/Shelf) with Clamp
Support Rings, Extension (Plain Extension Rings)
Slotted Base
Support Stands, Rectangular, Cast Iron Bases
Support Stands, Rectangular, Steel Bases
Tripod Bases with Rods
Tripod Stands, Single Ring
Ring Stand
Ring Stand(Plated)
Tripod Stand with Concentric Rings
Tripod Stand, Plated Top
Clamp Extension, Four-prong
Clamp, Extension, Rubber Covered Jaws
Clamp Holder, Right Angle
Alcohol Burner (Lamp), Glass
Alcohol Burner
Double Wick Burner
Alcohol Burner, Angular
Bunsen Burner for Propane Gas, Simple
Burner, Teclu, for Propane Gas
Burner Wing Tops
Wood Splints
Deflagrating Spoon with Disc
Combustion Spoon, Nuffield
Magnesuim Ribbon
Buret Clamp (All metal)
Brushes, Test Tube
Laboratory Scoop, (Chemical Scoop), "Scoopula"
Spatula, Nuffield
Spatulas, Double Ended
Spatula, Micro
Spatula, Trula
Angular Spoon and Spatula
Watch Glasses
Filter Pump (Aspirator)
Litmus Paper
Cork Borers Set
Cork Borer Sharpener
Cork Press
Cavity Tile (Spotting Tile), Polypropylene
Staining Jar (Staining Dish), Polypropylene
Measuring Cylinders, Polypropylene
Beakers, Griffin, Polypropylene
Beakers with Handle, Griffin, Tall Form (Pitchers) Polypropylene
Funnels, Polypropylene
Wire Gauze Squares

Evaporating Basins (Crystallizing), China Dishes, (Porcelain)
Crucibles, Wide Form, Porcelain
Crucibles, Tall Form, Porcelain
Crucibles, Filtering, Gooch, Porcelain
Filter Discs for Gooch Crucibles, Porcelain
Funnels, Hirsch, Porcelain
Funnels, Buchner, Porcelain
Pestle and Mortar Sets, Porcelain
Beehive Shelves, Porcelain
Spotting Plates, Porcelain
Mercury Troughs, Porcelain
Porous Pots, Empty, Porcelain
Cruciable Triangles (Clay Pipe Triangles), Porcelain

Volumetric Flask
Burets, Mohr
Pinch Cock Attachment
Burest Straight, Glass Stopcock, Geissler Type
Burets, with Screw Type PTFE Stopcock
Pipets, Automatic, Quick Acting (Tilt Measure), Glass
Centrifuge Tubes, Conical Bottom, Graduated
Centrifuge Tubes, Conical Bottom, Plain
Condensor Adapter
Connecting Tubes, Sidearm Type (Recovery Head)
Connecting Tubes, Claisen Type
Distillation Connecting Tube (Receiver Adapter)
Distillation Apparatus
Condensor, Liebig
Condensor, Liebig
Condensor, Graham, Coil Type
Alhig Condensor
Separatory Funnels, Pear Shape
Separatory Funnels, Globe Shape
Drying Tubes
Eudiometer Tubes, Bunsen
Measuring Cylinders, Metric Scale
Thiele Melting Point Tubes
Tube, Thistle
Tubing Connector, Straight, Glass
Tubing Connector, T Shape
Tubing Connector, Y Shape
Tubing Connector, U Shape
Tubes, Test, with Sidearm
Chromatography Sprayer (Atomiser)
Tubes Gas Measuring, Bunsen
Gas Generating Bottle
Fermentation Tube, Graduated
Funnels, 58° Angle, for Filtration